Brimer Enterprise

Graphic design business started with a focus on creating custom artwork.



The focus of Brimer Enterprise morphed into a more focused design firm, so we morphed the name. B from Brimer and E from Enterprise and all our work would remain Original, so we became BeOriginal.


A Digital Upgrade

Seeing digital on the horizon BeOriginal decided early on to adopt the new tools which would help us cut cost and improve our ability to help clients succeed.


Our Place on the Web

After a few years of getting our digital legs firmly established, we were ready to move it all online. When the browser of the day was Netscape we expanded to developing for the web.


New Tools & an Updated Logo

As soon as video went digital BeOriginal jumped in. CD’s then DVD’s and eventually the web caught up with the video revolution. And we thought an updated logo was needed.


Infinity & Beyond!

With an ever growing network of services created to help our clients successfully market, manage, and succeed in a digital world, we’ve updated our look yet again, continuing to advanced our services, from APIs to apps, and more.

BeOriginal is a multi-disciplined graphic design studio located in Suwanee, GA. The company started it’s transformation from analog design to a hybrid digital-analog studio in 1986. Having our roots in analog has proved to be a great benefit for our clients. We have the knowledge base of the processes it takes to produce final projects such as printing of poster, books, silk screening, neon signs and many, many other graphic parts that our clients need advising on a regular basis.

We combine our knowledge with a personal approach not found with the larger, corporate machines of design. We only take on so many projects at any given time, so we're selective with who we work with and what projects we take on. I guess you could say we're a bit picky. We really want all of our work to be portfolio pieces. That means we don't do the broad template work some design studios do. We're all about custom, high quality, design and development that make a difference for our clients.

Our Network

All the parts of BeOriginal

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A business is more than the sum of it’s parts. It’s a living organism. We spend time in a variety of practices and creative endeavors that help strengthen the foundation of our company. Taking the time to try new things, constantly learning, keeping pace with the ever moving world of technology and art.