1994 We built our first website

The biggest hurdle in 1994 was learning HTML and optimizing images for dial up speed. All interfaces consisted of pages, links, and buttons.


Websites we build now are more involved than ever. It requires multiple disciplines of code, user interface, user interaction, content management, e-commerce, email marketing, and multimedia to attract, engage and convert users. Today, websites we create are more complex and do more than programs written in the 1990’s. To build such sites we first meet with prospective clients to discuss their goals. Then, we plan out the functionality and the interface structure to make sure the website fulfills the clients goals. Once the structure of the site is agreed upon, we can start gathering visuals and designing graphics to implement the look for the site. While that's being done, the programming portion of the site is started. Working with the client to gather materials for the site; i.e. photographs, color graphics, charts, and other design components to incorporate into the final product. Once all these components are put together we test the usability of the site. When the site goes live we evaluate the usability of the site through analytics and make any necessary adjustments.

Responsive Design


BeOriginal has developed websites in Atlanta Georgia for more than 20 years. Atlanta built websites that enable clients to establish their brand presence online while making use of the latest web development tools and technologies to ensure their website delivers results.  We develop cutting-edge web sites based on solid graphic design concepts with powerful design imagery.



We have two decades of experience building mission critical business systems. We investigate your legacy system and develop a full lifecycle roadmap to streamline it which can save and even make you money. We're database and development professionals with a knack for big data and engineering enterprise-wide software solutions in direct support of your business objectives.