Speaks for itself really, and at a thousand words a picture it's got a lot to say. Oh, and just in case you don't see a project similar to what you may be looking for doesn't mean we can't do it, it just means we haven't yet. After all, how boring would it be if all our work looked the same? Very, that's how. We enjoy a good challenge. We take pride in every job we do and strive to provide the best solutions to any problem you can throw at us. We're not just mindless pixel pushers and code monkeys, we have brains, brains with ideas in them, good ideas, and we like to use 'em.

You know the drill, look around, let us know if you see something you like. Also know that we get better with experience, yeah, I know, you're thinking, "but this is one of the most amazing portfolio's I've ever seen, how could it possibly get any better?" Well, it can, and all that you have to do is nothing, because design is our job, that's why you hire us. We make you look better.


Clean, optimized, content management sites are the foundation of all the web designs we build. We design the proper balance of graphics, photographs, illustrations, video and copy to keep your customers engaged. All websites we develop are easily maintained through our CMS (Content Management System) BrainPl.us.


Innovative development of apps is now a must for most successful companies. We craft UX, UI and graphics that make your website usable for your customers, with a clean and elegant design. We pride ourselves on our in-house coding since 1994, so you can be sure the code we deliver is solid and secure. Our User Interface designs and follow through bring unique solutions to clients daily business needs.


A brand is not simply designed. A brand is developed over time through consistency. How your brand is presented and perceived online is key to your futures' success, so we make sure your branding and visual identity is aligned with your overall message.


Strategy in it's self is not enough to connect with your target market in todays media saturated environment. For that reason we advocate tossing in a liberal mix of creativity with a thoughtful strategic plan in order to spread your message.


Ideas are only as good as it's implementation. To build an idea that is sustainable, as well as measurable and memorable, takes the proper tools and technique. With continued nurturing an initial idea can achieve momentum that requires a new set of creative tools to manage. BeOriginal has been creating and managing ideas with momentum for over 30 years in the metro Atlanta area.